About trapping Oregon

As you will probably figure out I am a trapper not a computer geek. The purpose of this web sight is to help out individuals who wish to start trapping and promote trapping in Oregon. If you would like to start trapping in Oregon and need information I will try and help you.

I was introduced to trapping as a kid on my grandparents farm trapping nutria to save the corn crop. Years later I was in my mid 40’s raising a few animals on a small farm. The neighbor lady was a big animal right person who fed all the wild animals drawing them to our area. I had raccoon’s in my chicken house and up to 6 skunks in our front yard. It was so bad you had to stop and look around before you walked out of the house because there were so many skunks. We also started to notice the animals becoming sick; raccoon’s with distemper, things like that. This will happen when you get to many animals in to small of an area. Mother natures’ way of keeping numbers in check. This is not a good way for the animals to go and can wipe out a whole population in a short time if the right disease gets going.

I decided to get a furbearers hunting licence, for several reasons, this did not accomplish what I needed it to. I had considered getting my trapping licence a few times in my life but had never done it. I decided there was no time like the present and stopped by the ODFW to pick up a trapping study guide.  One reason I had never done this, there is a lot to remember in that book. I studied and studied that book so I could pass the test. The day came for the test which the ODFW was giving at a local fur auction, I was a bit nervous. I picked up the test set down at the table and looked around and laughed to myself. Here I am an old guy at a table with a bunch of young children they didn’t look nervous at all. The test was easy, I felt silly as I only missed one question; and yes there are wolverines in Oregon.

I talked to a few trappers that were at the event and found out about the OTA-Oregon Trappers Association,. I joined and started doing research on traps, trapping techniques and the laws that go with them. I also attended the Oregon trappers rendezvous where they do demonstrations and you can learn all kinds of stuff from trappers who have been at it for many years.  After my first season I was hooked, I reduced the number of critters around the farm and now keep them in check. I do not want them all gone just a healthy population. I have also started helping local land owners with animals that are doing damage to their land, crops and livestock. I find it odd that the reason I started trapping was due to an animal rights person; if not for her, I would have never started trapping. Oh and if you wondered why nobody talked to her, the authorities did talk to her but she never stopped feeding the animals.