Off Season


Trapping is not only for fur but damage control. Many trappers will trap rodents or other nuisance animals. These are 2 gophers I trapped this week, it’s all trapping . For those of us that are trappers 24/7 365 we spend a lot of time educating ourselves on the animals behavior for which we trap. A beaver, nutria  or coyote are really no different then a gopher. You need to  learn their habits what they eat and what they do to effectively trap them.  You can make many mistakes while you figure out these animals but they can only make one mistake. As a trapper you want to do your best not to educate the animal you are trapping a coyote or a beaver for example can become very wary  if you miss them with a trap, Even a raccoon will learn to step over a pan in a cage trap after being caught and released by a home owner after being moved.

2 months

well 2 months until Oregon trapping season opens, Although thwew are some furbearers you can trap all year coyotes, nutria, badger and spotted/striped skunks oh and possums. It is never to early to make sure all your equipment and supplies are ready.

My new website

I have been thinking about building a trapping website for awhile and now is the time. My plan is to build a site to help people that want to start trapping in Oregon  but need pointed in the right direction. When I started a few years ago it took awhile to find my way, I hope I can shorten your learning curve.